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Setia Movers Hong Kong Ltd. is a moving company. We specialize in House Relocation, Office Relocation, Long / Short term Warehouse Storage, Single Item Relocation and Overseas Relocation. Our team leader can speak fluent English , Cantonese and Putonghua.

Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Setia Movers Hong Kong Limited (“Setia”, “we”, “us” and terms of similar meaning) provides this web site and the services provided by or through this web site to you subject to these terms and conditions of use:

1.    After the moving services had been confirmed, the client have to pay 30% deposit of the full charge as the down payment for the services, and must settle the balance on the job completion day.

2.    If client need to re-schedule the moving date after confirmation is made, please give 5 days prior notice to Setia Movers. Otherwise, one-third of the total amount will be charged for the compensation.

3.    Cancellation of moving services after materials delivered, deposit will NOT be refunded.

4.    If the client has not completed the packaging at the removal date and assistance is needed from our workers for the packaging as for a smooth removal, additional packaging charge is HK$60 for each carton box.

5.    We do not provide service on installation and uninstallation of water, electricity or gas appliances.

6.    HK$500 will be charged for any additional address of removal.

7.    Parking fee, bridge and tunnel fee are not included and are to be paid by the client.

8.    If the quantities exceed what have been quoted, additional charge will apply accordingly to the actual condition.

9.    Service charge is calculated subject to cargo volume and is not consider the value of goods for insurance coverage.

10. If Cartons Boxes exceed our Large Size (24” x 19” x 19”), the charges will be doubled.

12. Insurance is not included in the quotation. Client have to insure any valuable items individually in advance.  Any damages or losses during the course of transportation, the upper limit of liability is HK$1,000.

13.In case client have not reported the following situation, they still have to pay those expenses incurred:

          1) No lift in the building

          2) Need to go through a distant platform before reaching the lift

          3) Furniture is unable to fit into the lift and need to move from stairs.
          4) There is staircase to lift(staircase fee is 10% of overall quotation multiply by the floors)
          5) An additional charge of 20% or above will apply if the removal has to be done through a                       distance to or from the platform/
car park(over 50M), or has to switch lifts.
          6) Extra moving items (if there is staircase and path, charge will depends on actual situation)

14.  An additional charge of 40% or above of the total amount will apply for each floor if the removal has to be done without lift.

15.  Before and after the moving, this is client’s responsibility to count of the number of items or cartons that will be moved. If there are any questions it should be raised immediately. Once the staff had left the unit, Setia Movers will not take any action for client’s further requests for moving services.

16.  If there is a need for move in our storage, client must observe our terms of service for storage. (Details please refer to our storage agreement).